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Hi guys,

Recently I bought a USC and SL8 from my local gun store, and got to work on doing my USC/grease gun conversion (I'm in NY, so pre-ban mags are important to me). So far so good. I still have some accessories and final adjustments (walking pin issue) to make but I'm sure it will come out fine.

So I'm also starting the planning phase of my G36 conversion. I can't have a folding stock, or SBR in NY, and we have a '94 style ban in effect here, so my options are pretty limited. I'm planning on pinning a folding stock in place, and the pistol grip will be my one allowed "assault" feature, and I'll put an AR magwell on it to have access to pre-ban mags. So that is fine, and I am comfortable doing that work myself.

But I also want to get the SL8 barrel chopped down, and a muzzle brake or compensator (can't be a flash hider) permantly put in place to bring the overall barrel length up to 16". I don't have the tools or experience to do this right, so this part is going to need to get sent out.

So my question is two fold:

A) What recommendations do you folks have on the brake/compensator to put in place? I was thinking of a Troy claymore or Levang Compensator. Comments, or other thoughts?

B) Who could I send this to in order to get it done?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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