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G36 Iron Sight opinions?

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So I have the G36 iron sights on my SL-8 and I've found I did not like them at all in covered outdoor shooting. In well lit conditions they are okay. However at the range Wednesday (noon, 50yds, white target) my eye relief on the irons had to shrink to nothing (jaw resting on the forward most edge of the cheek rest).

I just tossed an XS rear aperture on there and am hoping that may help, though the small aperture of the XS sight is a little bigger than I'd want ideally but it does allow me to use the cheek rest.

Am I using the irons incorrectly? The sight picture I go for is a ring of light around the front hood like when using diopter on a 9x series or my UMP conversion.

Anyone else have issues with them or a solution aside from optics? I don't like optics as I really prefer to just master the irons on firearms.

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I've never really had an issue with the rear peep sight, other than under extremely reduced lighting.
Oh well, I'll try out the new rear sight and take the 2mm wrench and old unit with me next range trip and see what is going on.
There are a couple variations of the G36 Rail Iron Sights.
I have had different ones between the six G36's that I have owned at one time or another.

Some were both very large apertures, and I could get little accuracy out of them, marked 100 and 300M
I finally found a top rail with a small peep hole and large aperture that I use on my G36C now, they have no markings.

It is hit or miss on getting them, not sure which style is current production.

You do have to put your cheek up close in the cheek rest groove of the stock.
Nose should be touching or close to the back of receiver the way it is designed to get a good eye line of sight through them.
That they have so many variations is interesting. The aperture mine came with both the 100 and 300 marked apertures are both 2mm. The difference being on the other side of the aperture the cones are different sizes.

Good to know about the eye relief too. Where I like to ride the rest puts my nose on the top corner of the receiver on the SL8. Must have been poor lighting as I had to go nose to rail (wisdom teeth in cheek rest edge) at the range.

I will not give up on my irons!

Well I figured out I over torquered the sight rail screws causing my rails/sights to cant. I still don't like the tiny apertures but at least I'm not high right anymore.
I went with the KAC irons made specifically for the G36 and could not be happier.
+1 on the KAC sights. Also has a rail for a RDS
+1 on the KAC sights. Also has a rail for a RDS
I thought KAC stopped making the sights.
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