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So I finally bought a VP9. Long overdue. I'm considering working up the gun into a frame-able print kinda like the other HK designs I've done. See crappy iphone pics below of my P7 print for an idea of what Im talking about if you havent seen any of my prints. They look better in real life of course.

10" x 20" black and white on high grade photo paper, professionally printed, meant to be framed. I use a very expensive medical grade CAT scanner to create these. It involves a fair amount of time and effort thus this inquiry post.

As usual I offer the HKpro crew a discount on the initial print run. Looking at $30 for hkpro guys on this first run. Will be $40 thereafter if offered up to public. This run run will be numbered ( 100 max), dated, and signed on the back. The general public ones will not. As always 100% money back guarantee if you dont dig the print. Ordering instructions will come later and will be PM replies based off of those posting an interest here on this thread.

Anyway, if interested then just reply to this post. I'll give it a couple weeks and see how many yall might want.

sample pics of the P7.

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Airsoft gun

Gun Firearm Trigger Revolver Airsoft gun
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