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German made HK45 w/ AI date code...

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Can someone please educate me on the value? I've recently read a post that an individual made about if the German made HK45's were still available. Seems for a few years now the HK45 has been made in the US. With a date code of AI, this would have been made in 2008, correct? There is a DE engraved on the slide and all parts have the German "proof marks". This is definitely made in Germany. Is there a difference in value for the German made pistols? I scored this at a local "fun show" for an even trade for a Glock 36 and a Walther P22. Both of them had one extra magazine and had been fired a very minimal amount. I had the boxes and all of the extras that came with both of them. The HK45 had everything accept the manual and is in PRISTINE shape. Not a blemish on it anywhere and clean as a whistle! I feel like I made an excellent deal. What is the general consensus? Good deal?
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