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German made HK45 w/ AI date code...

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Can someone please educate me on the value? I've recently read a post that an individual made about if the German made HK45's were still available. Seems for a few years now the HK45 has been made in the US. With a date code of AI, this would have been made in 2008, correct? There is a DE engraved on the slide and all parts have the German "proof marks". This is definitely made in Germany. Is there a difference in value for the German made pistols? I scored this at a local "fun show" for an even trade for a Glock 36 and a Walther P22. Both of them had one extra magazine and had been fired a very minimal amount. I had the boxes and all of the extras that came with both of them. The HK45 had everything accept the manual and is in PRISTINE shape. Not a blemish on it anywhere and clean as a whistle! I feel like I made an excellent deal. What is the general consensus? Good deal?
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I would say yes you got a great deal. Hk can probably send you a manual, call and ask. AI is 2008 and I think German made have a larger price becuase some believe that there is a difference between the two which I don't believe. I have had both and I will say that the finish on the slide and slide releases of the US made one is superior. It all depends on what one would pay.

Excellent choice and score. Pics please!
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