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German Military VIDEO!

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I think this is a German military unit. Maybe someone who speaks German can help us understand who these guys are and what they are doing..
I'm not an HK long gun expert at all. A total noob when it comes to this stuff.. but I think I see them with G36's. A lot of high quality footage. Just thought I'd share with you all.

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Thanks my friend,that was very cool. I saw the G3 spotter rifle in there also. thanks
You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it!
William, there is not many to translate. It's a maneuver from last year in Sennelager/Niedersachsen, this exercise area is also used by the British Forces in Germany.

The blue forces (shown is the 3rd company of Fallschirmjägerbataillon (?) not named, part of the LLBrig 31, 31st Airborne Brigade (Bundeswehr) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) had to free Green State from the occupying forces of Red State...

Ortskampf = QCB in urban areas.
Veto- Thank you so much for your help deciphering this video. I will read that link right now. You shed some light on this! Thank you again!
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