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I hope they get them into the states faster because they're(CA DOJ) trying to change the gun laws yet again. It would be sooo sweet to own one of these here in California (rimfire weapons are exempt from AW Laws in California). Guess I better start saving for it if it's expensive!


I can't say if the configuration will be 16" compliant or not since I did not ask. I have no information on pricing. The pricing rumor here seems awfully low.
I contacted the named US distributor but got no response.

As for caliber, I was sceptical too since the company produces or sells airsoft stuff so initialli I figured it was some type of new airsoft training tool. In my comunication I specifically asked about clarifying if the weapon was .22LR or not and their response was yes. I also viewed the video and it appears that it is in fact .22LR caliber.
1 - 20 of 289 Posts
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