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German Paper:HK G36 useless at 200 yards plus when hot

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This link was posted on the Firearms Blog from a German Newspaper.

The headline, as translated by Babblefish was : "German storm rifle for long fight unfit "

G36: Deutsches Sturmgewehr für langen Kampf untauglich - Nachrichten Politik - Deutschland - WELT ONLINE

Material problems with the German Federal Armed Forces: After longer combat the rifle G36 is so hot shot that opponents at a distance of only 200 meters cannot be fought any longer correctly.

Investigations result in substantial problems with G36-Gewehr The German Federal Armed Forces determined more extensive problems by investigations with its standard rifle G36 than so far well-known.

As " Bild" - Reported, examination results of the military engineering agency the German Federal Armed Forces alarmed newspaper with reference to an internal paper from the Ministry of Defense. The problems with the G36 represented a substantial lack from military view and are from substantial employment relevance. In an evaluation of the military engineering agency of the German Federal Armed Forces it means according to newspaper: "

All 89 G36 examined so far show a change of the middle meeting place and an expansion of the Streukreises in such a manner in the hot shot condition that an opponent at a distance of 200 meters any longer are not fought surely kann." Already several weeks ago had " Spiegel" reported, the G36 is not fully suitable for longer fire fights. The German Federal Armed Forces arranged further investigations.
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Here is the translation from Babblefish:

In current media reports (among other things „Spiegel online “of 01.04.2012) the impression is obtained that of Heckler & Cook developed and manufactured rifle G36 for the combat mission, in particular for longer fire fights and/or in the sustained fire, only conditionally or not at all suitable is. Further the statement is spread that the hit dispersion of the G36 is disproportionately high with hot-shot weapon.

The Heckler & Cook GmbH sees these recent medial publications as part of one meanwhile over two years persisting and extremely multilayered campaign against the enterprise, which had so far primarily the instrumentalization of different investigating authorities in particular with reference to competition and export-legal reproaches to the article. Now for the first time also the technical reputation and the quality of the products of the Heckler become & with the current reporting; Cook GmbH attacked and suggests, Heckler & Cook would sell products, which were for the combat mission only conditionally or not at all suited. Also by interested circles obviously completely consciously a connection with fighting troop units of the German Federal Armed Forces in Afghanistan is manufactured to that extent. Considering the fact that both soldiers and soldiers of the German Federal Armed Forces risk, in addition, allied nations daily life and limb in Afghanistan and other dangerous places, it is tasteless contentwise such a unobjective and representation cynical wrong in many details and. To the thing the Heckler places & Cook GmbH firmly:

1.) The rifle G36 is the standard storm rifle of the German German Federal Armed Forces, as well as numerous allied nations. Beyond that it is imported at over 30 further nations. Altogether in the past 15 years alone for the German German Federal Armed Forces approximately 180,000 rifles G36 under supervision of the local quality inspection agency of the federal office for military technology and procurement (BWB) were manufactured, removed and supplied to the German Federal Armed Forces.

2.) The technical terms of delivery (tl) for the rifle G36, a which component of the supply contract between the Heckler & Cook GmbH and the BWB are, plan a precision bombardment, which all above mentioned weapons fulfilled as can be prove. This tl does not contain a decrease/test criterium, which plans a specified Treffleistung in extremely hot-shot condition (e.g. after one hundred shot increase), so that the rifle G36 was supplied also to that extent as stipulated and no lack in the sense of right is present. The list or spreading of the statement the fact that therefore the rifle G36 exhibits one regarding the Treffleistung „lack “is illegally and becomes by the Heckler & Cook GmbH civilian and criminally unreservedly to be pursued.

3.) Heckler & Cook is present to date no formal complaint of the German Federal Armed Forces regarding the Treffleistung of the G36 in hot-shot condition, nor Heckler has & Cook knowledge of the fact that the federation intends this to do.

4.) In over 10 years combat mission of the German Federal Armed Forces in Afghanistan is Heckler & Cook not one complaint of the fighting troop in the reference to the Treffleistung of the rifle G36 in the hot-shot condition does not admit nascently. After knowledge of Heckler & Cook are also within the German Federal Armed Forces relevant. no complaints of the fighting troop admits nascently.

5.) The fact that the above mentioned tl does not plan a decrease criterion, which plans a Treffleistung in the hot-shot condition, is in several respects conclusively, since it concerns a weapon-technology „Binsenweisheit “that for physical reasons - and thus producer-independently - with firing number high according to or extreme bombardment cycles (extremely high portion of sustained fire and/or short period) the Treffleistung of each weapon changes, i.e. increases the dispersion usually. To that extent it does not surprise also the fact that the relevant NATO set of rules for the testing of hand weapons AC225/D14 does not standardize a test procedure for the Treffleistung in hot-shot condition, let alone that the existence of such an (did not existenten) examination would be a condition for the introduction of a storm rifle in a NATO member state. Beyond that is the Heckler & Cook GmbH in their over 60-jährigen activity within the official hand weapon range, in particular in NATO, not one customer does not admit nascently, which would have ever set up a such test criterium. It all the more surprises before this background that alleged weapon-technology experts above mentioned, at least since end 19. Century at all bring up for discussion well-known, phenomenon of the strewing circle enlargement with extremely hot-shot weapon.

6.) If media reports refer to current investigations of the German Federal Armed Forces with the rifle G36, it is to be stated that Heckler & Cook neither the documents so far for this are present, nor admits is, on which internal legal basis the German Federal Armed Forces accomplished these investigations. Rather Heckler must & Cook due to different indications assume such information in written and/or verbal form was passed on illegally and at least incompletely by individuals from the range of the German Federal Armed Forces to the media.

7.) During „the operating instruction specified in the media reports “, which plans a cooling of the weapon on hand warmth after 150 shot, it can act only around „the center regulation “of the German Federal Armed Forces to the rifle G36, which already exists for approximately 15 years. The firing number of 150 shot is derived from the circumstance that to each rifle G36 altogether five magazines are supplied to 30 each shot (altogether thus 150 cartridges) and the soldier also are equipped with these five magazines.

8.) The G36 is a storm rifle with the fire options single and sustained fires, whereby the G36 - like all storm rifles world-wide - is to be used intended predominantly in the single-shot fire and/or in short fire bursts. The instruction to the soldiers sustained fires and/or (longer) fire bursts to avoid to a large extent, serves not the indulgence of the rifle G36, but is owed the facts that on the one hand - under the weapon recoil - in the sustained fire/fire burst no precise weapon delivery is more possible and enters in the consequence tactically useless ammunition munitionsverschwendung. Thus among other things several French soldiers died in August 2008 into Afghanistan, because them after fire fight lasting several hours with Taliban forces simply the ammunition went out. Economizing with ammunition in combat (technical term so-called „fire breed “), concretely the avoidance of tactically unnecessary sustained fire, is thus simple for our soldiers a compelling necessity for the preservation of the so-called „staying power “and in many cases a question of surviving. This is valid in particular if our troops are complicated in fighting longer or the support retards by heavy weapons and/or is omitted completely, to avoid about in order Kollateralschäden by bombs or artillery

9.) The rifle G36 is a storm rifle and no precision rifle, exhibits however for a storm rifle a very good Treffleistung. Independently of it sustained fire increases the risk of Kollateralschäden - straight on larger distances starting from 100m - under the civilian population by the increased (recoil-caused) weapon dispersion substantial and can from there for soldier corresponding criminal consequences (e.g. wg. negligent Köperverletzung and/or killing etc.) pulls. For Einsatzentfernungen beyond the 300m the German Federal Armed Forces procured special precision rifles of the type G3ZF-DMR and G28 in the higher performance caliber of 7.62mm NATO in the past two years. Beyond that it is after knowledge of the Heckler & Cook GmbH in the meantime usual employment practice of the German Federal Armed Forces to use weapons in calibers of 5.56mm NATO (like the G36) to maximally 300m combat distance. It is thus directly in several respects essentially perfectly missed to bring up for discussion the Treffleistung of the G36 on distances over 300m.

10.) The rifle G36 can be used in emergency even as light machine gun with magazine supply and was assigned up to the introduction of the MG4 with belt supply in the German Federal Armed Forces under the designation MG36 even as such. In at least one case the G36 in combat in Afghanistan a MG4 failed by enemy action replaced and this role up to the end of this combat fully fulfilled. Today the G36 is used in the German Federal Armed Forces exclusively as storm rifle, since it exhibits a magazine supply, while pure machine guns have like the MG3 and the MG4 a belt supply/a higher ammunition supply and from there the tactical role „of the pure sustained fire weapons “in the infantry group exclusive occupy.

11.) If the Treffleistung of the G36 on combat distances to 300m is brought up for discussion, statements or employment-tactical desire conceptions from physical and/or weapon-technology compelling reasons always are as a function of the parameters type of ammunition to formulate firing number and bombardment cycle. In particular the indication of a bare firing number without the simultaneous denomination of the bombardment cycle (distribution of single and sustained fires as a function of a defined period, in which the shots are delivered) is technically missed and thus in the long run also employment-tactically useless, because any technical comparability is missing.

12.) Independently of it bringing up for discussion of the Treffleistung of a storm rifle is already senseless after delivery of several hundreds shot in shortest time (few minutes), because the soldier usually used then all ammunition and/or heat flares (so-called „self-Mirages “), the weapon pipe is so strong that it the target acquisition already purely optically substantial difficult more difficult is to impossible.

13.) It is a fact that numerous German and allied soldiers the rifle G36 and many other assigned hand weapon systems from the house Heckler & And at the troop a very large confidence into the reliability and precision of Heckler generally owe cook their life & Cook products also under most adverse conditions exists.

The Heckler & Cook GmbH is a component of the western safety infrastructure, in particular NATO and NATO-allied nations. Daily perform with Heckler & Cook more than 700 women and men their work, around humans, those daily its life Heckler & Cook weapons entrust to make products available which ensure maximum reliability and precision in the context of the technically feasible one on all battlefield conditions.
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