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German Paper:HK G36 useless at 200 yards plus when hot

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This link was posted on the Firearms Blog from a German Newspaper.

The headline, as translated by Babblefish was : "German storm rifle for long fight unfit "

G36: Deutsches Sturmgewehr für langen Kampf untauglich - Nachrichten Politik - Deutschland - WELT ONLINE

Material problems with the German Federal Armed Forces: After longer combat the rifle G36 is so hot shot that opponents at a distance of only 200 meters cannot be fought any longer correctly.

Investigations result in substantial problems with G36-Gewehr The German Federal Armed Forces determined more extensive problems by investigations with its standard rifle G36 than so far well-known.

As " Bild" - Reported, examination results of the military engineering agency the German Federal Armed Forces alarmed newspaper with reference to an internal paper from the Ministry of Defense. The problems with the G36 represented a substantial lack from military view and are from substantial employment relevance. In an evaluation of the military engineering agency of the German Federal Armed Forces it means according to newspaper: "

All 89 G36 examined so far show a change of the middle meeting place and an expansion of the Streukreises in such a manner in the hot shot condition that an opponent at a distance of 200 meters any longer are not fought surely kann." Already several weeks ago had " Spiegel" reported, the G36 is not fully suitable for longer fire fights. The German Federal Armed Forces arranged further investigations.
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Here is the translation from Babblefish:
My goodness, that is difficult to read. It is funny that it translated the name "Koch", but couldn't translate treffleistung.

It basically boils down to a lot of hype from someone expecting a weapon to fill a role for which it was never intended. The DI system in our M16/M4 is looked down upon, for the similar reasons. A sturmgewehr, or assault rifle (although I like storm rifle, and might start using that) makes trade-offs. One of them is a thinner profiled barrel for balance and total weight reduction, which means accuracy will degrade if the barrel is made to heat up a lot. The role of an assault rifle is not one that will suffer this problem, when used within established doctrine and training.

As an assault rifle, both the AR/M16/M4 and the G36 get the job done, and do it quite well (although I would prefer a G36, I would still carry an AR platform to battle without worry).
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