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One thing to not overlook is whether or not it's on the handgun roster, since you are related as brothers you cannot do an intrafamily transfer which is exempt from the roster. There are at least 9 trigger/safety variations of the USP 9mm and then there's FS or Compact, all black or Stainless etc. Only 3 9mm USPs are on the roster: the FS USP 9mm V1, Comp USP 9mm V1 (both black & SS). As long as it's one of those 3 models you should be fine, also in all standard Private Party Transfers I've been involved in in CA both the buyer and seller are required to be in person to execute the paperwork at FFL. There are ways around it, but not ever FFL in CA will work with you. If it's off roster but your Parents live in CA your brother can Gift it to one of them via Intrafamilial Transfer ($20 and an online form, no FFL required) and they could then execute the same style gift/transfer to yourself.
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