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Getting a 9mm HK USP as a gift from my brother in Nebraska, I live in California

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Hi all,

Great to be here, this site is great, just joined up. I have a quick question (I hope this is the right part of the forum to post this) I'm hoping someone can answer, trying to find out this info on other websites has been very trying even the DOJ website. My brother who lives in Nebraska (I live in California) is giving me his 9mm HK usp Handgun as a gift. (Both of us have clean records, no issue there) My friend and his brother-in-law (who is a Riverside County Deputy Sheriff) are bringing the handgun back for me after their hunting trip in Nebraska. Does anyone know the exact procedure for how to register the handgun once I have it in California? I have browsed through the forum topics here and used the search feature, but couldn't find anything at all that is similar to my situation.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Don't know if you're actually LEO, because you could've been with the sheriff's department in a non-LEO capacity, but there are perks to being LEO in California. You can leverage your department status to get off-roster guns, with approval from higher-ups. Lots of cops (both 2A-friendly and anti-2a alike) are using this to acquire rare guns, and then, way down the line (to avoid DOJ suspicion of straw purchases), flipping them for a hefty return. Thus, the California off-roster premium.

Out-of-state transfers entails a fee at the FFL level.

Get your ammo while you can!!!
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