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Gewehr G28

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From a German website: Zielfernrohrgewehr G28
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Hey, look at the cuts of item # 6 of right side of rail cover. I did the same thing for my MR762. :wink:

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Does anyone know if the G28 uses the accurized HK417 barrels that shoot 1 MOA or does it use a different type of barrel?
Hey, look at the cuts of item # 6 of right side of rail cover. I did the same thing for my MR762. :wink:

Very clean and clever idea. I think that looks fantastic.

The G28 is guaranteed 1.5MOA @ 100 meters according to HK:

Ammunition type: Accuracy rounds (OTM/HPBT/Sierra Match King)
No. of rounds: 10
Range: 100 m
Measuring method: Bullet hole centre to bullet hole centre
Maximum dispersion: < 45 mm (approx. 1.5 MOA)
Heckler & Koch :: Product Overview | G28

Discussed at length here:

So the answer to your question is no, it does not have a 1 MOA barrel.
The G28 is currently in operational use in Afghanistan and although a semi-automatic rifle is only available to law enforcement and military customers.
How strictly will HK adhere to military/LEO ONLY sales?
Does anyone know why HK didn't use the accurized barrels in the G28? Was it to lower unit cost? HKpro moderator tspeis said that the accurized barrels didn't last as long as the standard CHF barrel (he said it may have been around 10K although he wasn't exactly sure). Does the G28 barrel have a longer service life than the accurized barrel?
I would say that minimum 10K life is pretty damn good for a rifle that is not used for heavy firing schedules.

I will add however, that our guns are prone to getting shot out barrels if used in a rapid fire capacity. We have had a few barrels shot out after some idiots have used the guns for immediate action drills and the like.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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