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Ghilliebear in ICU...

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Hey guys

Just got a message saying, "Sorry, Jeff is in the hospital in icu. Hopefully he will be out in a day or two"

Prayers go out to ya, Jeff!
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I hope you are getting well and chasing the nurses instead of reading this, but when you do- prayers are with ya for a speedy recovery!
Hope he's ok.
Will keep you in my prayers!
Hang in there bro. god bless you and your family.
Get well soon Jeff I have a bunch of parts incoming that need installed..... ;) All Kidding aside, hope you a speedy recovery and ICU is bad but I hope it's on the mild side of issues.

Good luck,
Jeff we are with you in thoughts and prayers!
Hope your alright! Get well soon sir.
Where with ya Jeff. Get your ass ought there.
Prayers for a speedy recovery and a well rested trigger finger.
Get well, and God bless!
I got a message from Jennifer who I assume is his wife. She stated the show is still on and that the shoot is a go. I'm praying for a speedy recovery for you Jeff. I'm finally ready to meet you in person instead of seeing you in videos and reading your horribly spelled posts!!!! Jk on that last part. Get better.
1 - 20 of 139 Posts
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