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Hello all

you all know me .. I have been build project for sometime no time I have ever stated I was one of the best hk smith out there .. I enjoy help menbers with there project with infor or built's.. also I have had lot of help with my project as far as infor on weapon system . from other menber's like NOhair ,RDTS Bill flieming Todd at SW and hk ect .. some of the best smith out there are RDTS .TSC , MIKE with MM11 and alot more then me .. that do this for a living .. not me I do part time for friends and menber If I can help them..
the hk51k and hk51 made by bill fleming help with my build also eric Nohair and rext help .. I have build all the project I have posted I Hope BY posting this it help to bring Peace to this site ..
Like I stated I am not the best hk gunsmith out there ..but I am here to Help.. and just wanted to give credit to the people how have help me in the past..

thank you all
Jeff Walters
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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