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Giving up on LEM and P2000sk

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Yes, I know I've been like the damn cheerleader around here for LEM/P2000sk, but after having a sinus infection, then a respitory infection (had mold in my walls) and being unable to shoot for 2 months. Went back to the range and shot my gun like complete crap. I then pick up an USPc in DA/SA, and shoot dead on the spot with it.

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion and my feeling which are based on my crappy skills most likely and the lack of practice. Take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt, and understand that LEM would suit other folk just fine.

Anyways, I've come to the conclusion that if I don't get regular practice with the LEM, it looks like it's very well possible to really suck (like playing basketball). Given that this firearm is my line of defense, I can't take that risk. However, I can pick up almost any DA/SA pistol and shoot on the spot even when I'm not familiar with the firearm.

So I've made up my mind. I'm going to sell my P2000sk, the sk mags, the xgrips, holsters, IWB holster, (but keep my USPc mags), and get the USPc and some holsters (probably go with the Miami Classic II again + an IWB holster). I just need to figure which variant of the USPc in 9mm to get. I'm right handed so I just need the slide release to be for the right hand, and also have DA/SA. Thoughts? (I don't like the P30, and like how USPc has more stuff for it)

The bigger pain in the butt is NYC gun law. I need to put an request for a purchase order, then buy a gun within 60 days, bring the purchase order to NYPD filled out. Then a few weeks later, show the bill of sale to my FFL, remove the gun from my permit, etc. Ugh!

Cliff notes: LEM isn't for me, so selling the P2000sk to go to DA/SA USPc 9mm.

I guess on a good note, once I know the USP inside out, I can build a master FAQ in the future. LOL
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I know how you feel. I've had an HK with LEM since they first came out on the USPC40. I love the concept but with shooting other "traditional" type handguns and not enough LEM it's hard to adjust.

My HK45 will determine the future of the LEM in my collection.
Why not get a p2000 DA/SA as it is supposed to have a better DA/SA? I am interested in some of the P2000sk mags and holsters.
Sounds like alot of headache for another pistol. Keep practicing with the LEM, it will come back quickly, you might be surprised. Plus you already have all of the extras with the P2SK.
Sounds like a bad frame of mind to make a decision to me. I would give it another range trip or two if I were you, especially if you will lose money.
Funny, doesn't matter how long since i've shot my USP45CT, I still shoot the bull out in a couple of mags. Combat LEM though.
I've got my eye on a P200SK, v2 in 357, and night sights, for $750 (new at dealer). This is the combo I've been planning on and finally found it. I can't get back there until Friday... the trigger pull is long and strong, so I was considering a v3 w/o night sights, for more money.

Will I be happy with lighter springs on the LEM, or should I go for the V3 SA/DA?
I agree with you 100%. I had a LEM P2000 and while the gun was nice I just couldn't get used to it and shoot it as well as my DA/SA guns. I ended up selling it and havn't looked back. I prefer the long double action pull followed by a nice single action and with the USPc you also have the ability to keep it "cocked and locked".
I've got my eye on a P200SK, v2 in 357, and night sights, for $750 (new at dealer). This is the combo I've been planning on and finally found it. I can't get back there until Friday... the trigger pull is long and strong, so I was considering a v3 w/o night sights, for more money.

Will I be happy with lighter springs on the LEM, or should I go for the V3 SA/DA?

did you rack the slide before you dry fired?
Personally I don't like the P2000 DA/SA variant it just doesn't feel right for some reason, as if it was an afterthought (technically it kinda was)... USP's was built for DA/SA, then LEM was a mod after...

Plus there's more cool stuff for the USPc as it's been around longer.
Bro, you can shoot my USPc 9 and USPc 40 anytime! :D
Thoughts? (I don't like the P30, and like how USPc has more stuff for it)
Not sure what exactly fuels your dislike for the P30, but it's da/sa is superior to the usp's, and its closer in overall platform to your sk. I would give it much more serious consideration.

Also, many things that fit the p2000, fit the p30 perfectly.
So what exactly is the problem with LEM for you? Just curious. To me, it's a much, much better platform than the USP DA/SA. Consistent pull in weight each time, SA like reset.

Again, I'm just curious, not knocking your decision. I'm having my remaining DA/SA mine converted to LEM. Are you shooting for combat practice or more for target shooting? 8lb or 5lb pull? Do you think it's the weight of the trigger causing you to pull or push one way or the other? Please explain for my benefit.

I'll also have to explain that I do live in NYC the 3rd most anti gun area in the country. Laws here limit what I can do and have.

To my knowledge the P30 isn't available here yet. As for LEM, I know about the benefits, consistent pull, etc. It's what sold me in the beginning. The main problem is that for me to be able to consistently shoot on target, I need to shoot at least once every two weeks. Any more than that, and I'm all over the place. As for type of shooting its both target and defensive shooting. I don't think its the pull, as I can shoot full DAO revolvers and be dead on target the first time. I really think its my finger forgets about the long trigger pull, and that there's a shorter reset or something. After 2 weeks without practice, it's like I'm shooting as a noob every time. And with DAO revolvers or DA/SA pistols, I can consistently shoot those, even for guns I've never shot before.

I'm not knocking on the LEM, I'm just saying it's not for me...
I agree with Muevelo, in terms of the LEM trigger requiring constant practice to keep up an acceptable proficiency level. (at least for me)

If I'm not at the range a minimum of every 2 weeks I'm all over the place for the fist mag or so. My last trip to the range came after not shooting for over a month. Imagine my disgust when I fired off 4 rounds downrange and didn't see anything register on my Shoot-n-C target. I reel the target back in, and see all 4 rounds hit well low and to the left. I was like I thought I was past the whole jerking the trigger stage. I really focused back in for the next couple of rounds and found myself back on target, but it was a little disheartening to think I could lose the muscle memory that quickly. Maybe I just need to dry fire ALL the time now. My P7 was dead on without me giving it a second thought.

I'm going to stick with it for the time being though.
I have read several places where people express the same sentiment. I use the LEM exclusively, so cannot comment on the problems. I do know that when I let another shooter fire my LEM, almost all of them struggle with the last 1/8 inch, 7 lb. of pull.
Best of luck in whichever variant you choose.

Why not convert?

Instead of switching to a USP, why not just convert your P2K to SA/DA? That way you won't need a new license plate.
You are not alone. I can shoot a DA/SA pistol instinctivly, the LEM requires alot of thought for me to get good shots. Also, I must "creep" up on the trigger until it reaches it's apex and fires to shoot tight groups. One smooth stroke from front to back always leads to erratic groups for me. The reset is also something you must be mindful of, if you release the trigger all the way forward you are actually going past the reset point. This all takes alot more thought for me to accomplish unlike the DA/SA which is second nature to me.

I am convinced that the LEM would be great if you had ALOT of practice with it. And I think going back and fourth between LEM and DA/SA pistols only makes it that much harder to get used to the LEM.

MLSecPro had some P30's with 10 round mags. I don't know if they came from the factory this way or they just swapped out the 15 rounders for 10's, but they are available if you're willing to pay their price.

I haven't seen any 10 rounders for sale separate from the gun yet though. I'm still waiting...
Personally, I'd spend more range time and dry firing time with the sk so you can work out all the problems in your trigger pull. The long, super hard, regular DA on the LEM variants will strengthen your finger much more than you need for any other gun, and if you learn to dry fire it smoothly with that ~15 lb pull, you will never have a problem with any gun's trigger pull, IMO...

Think of it as weight lifting and endurance training for your trigger finger.
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