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GJ Getz 9MM reverse stretch, failure to load & eject issues

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I bought a 9MM Reverse Stretch from DJ Getz about two months before he closed up shop .* Its a kick-ass little gun,*now an SBR, but it has a tendency to experience failure-to-ejects, and less often: failure-to-loads. I'm shooting primarily Fiocchi 115 grain FMJ ammo.* It tends to trap expended shells in the ejection port, hanging partially out of the port. More than once it has trapped live round between the bolt and the chamber in some awkward position.* Do I need to try a different locking piece?* I've heard that this can help with the finicky MP5K's.* I run semi-auto only, and have issues when both suppressed and unsuppressed. Happens on Getz mags and HK mags.
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I posted in your thread on AR15 as well

First thing to check is your extractor springs. Being the Achilles heal of the HK roller lock guns even one FTE can cause the claw to push outward and bend the extractor spring. Once its bent the chance of failures is significantly increased. The rifle extractor springs work fine and are stronger than the pistol caliber ones. Take your bolt head off and put a round in the bolt face. It should snap in and not fall out real easily.
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