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going to need a bigger wallet...

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I'm beginning to desire a H&K SP5. I have traditionally been late to every fashion change in our world. By the time I start to like a certain look the party has been over for awhile. Maybe I'll catch the bus on time this go round. The SP5 looks like a piece of art work. I've only been seriously looking at it for three or four days now and my fondness has been growing each day. That usually spells GET ONE, GET ONE NOW. At this stage of my life, it's sell one, get one. The one complaint I hear is the rail. Is the complaint one of form or function? Does the picatinny rail come with it or not? Yes I can find these answers myself but the post is twofold. One is to get a more experienced HK'ers to add to the post, and the second is to continue to build interest for myself and others. "She beckons..."
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