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Hello all, I am new to the andgun world and just recently bought my first handgun. I have done a lot of research and ended up on Hk as my gun of choice. Once that easy decision was made I wanted a Stainelss Steel Usp Compact. Preferably a .45 for home defense or concealed carry. I knew a guy who was selling one through a friend and bought it on instinct because its an awesome gun. It is a .45 HK USP Compact Stainless and has a date of AE and has never been shot. It came with 2 new HK magazines, the manual the Lockout key and a manilla envelope that feels like a bullet c asing inside of it. I havent opened it to make sure. I paid 800.00 for it. Is that a decent deal or did I get ripped? Thanks in advance and I love being a part of a Hk family.
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