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Got my RDTS guns in yesterday!

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I finally got my class 3 toys in yesterday. Built by Ralph at RDTS. He is an awesome builder. I sent my HK94 to him, and he did his' famous HE MP5SD conversion. Total cost including remark and paddle mag was around 2K for anybody who wants to know. He also did a HK53 for me. I went all out on it. I bought a super nice parts kit off Sturm last year, and got a super good deal on a HK93. I bougt the gun from the guy who was more than happy to keep the excess parts. So he sold me the receiver only for $1700. I came out really good on that. I ended up having about $4500 in the HK53. $1700 for parts kit $1700 for HK93, and about $1,000 for the conversion. I ended up spending this year alone about $1,000 in tax stamps and transfer SOT cost. The ATF loved me this year!LOL. Anyways, I will try to get some pics posted as soon as I can figure out how to post them. My next class 3 toy will be my Flemming sear in which I am fixing to pay off, and will be transfered to my dealer. Oh yea, for anybody wanting to know how quiet the SD is, lets just say almost Hollywood quiet. LOL.
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Post to photobucket, they have url links which you copy automatically once you upload, then paste those links into the body of the message. Use the IMG code... once you upload you will understand how easy it is.
Here's one of my photobucket pics...
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