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Greetings And A Question About My Old Friend

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Hello from Massachusetts! Thanks for some great reading - seems like a great bunch over here at HKPro. I bought my first HK way back in 1985 - it was a black beauty - HK93A2. I paid a whopping $475.00 for it...sad eh? On my 21st Birthday, I bought myself a VP70z at a gun show for $250.00. It was my first 9mm handgun and though many hate it - my VP remains at the top of my list. The Granddaddy of polymer pistols has seen MUCH use - thousands and thousands of rounds. I can honestly say that up until recently, I have experienced exactly one failure. Most hate the mushy heavy trigger - I adore it. Most think it does not carry well - I carried mine for years. Some hate the "shadow sight" - I find it instinctive. I guess I'm just weird. With a bag full of 18rd mags, it's my go-to gun - or at least was. I need your help.

First, the mags are auto-ejecting. My magazine catch is worn. I tried to Dremel-ize it which failed miserably. I tried adding tension to the spring and backing off the screw a bit which worked for a few mags, but was uncomfortable to shoot and ultimately failed. I need a new catch assembly, (catch, spring and screw) and found them at Numrich, but like all things VP - they aren't cheap. Could anyone steer me into a VP70z friendly source for parts?

Second, the finish is in bad shape. I have no plans on ever selling it, so I would like to find a place to have her rehabilitated with a new coat of paint. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm glad I found this site and am impressed with the wealth of knowledge here.

Take care out there,