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Greetings from California

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So, I thought I'd quit lurking and say, "hey". I picked up my first HK (USP45) a few months ago. Put in a match trigger with help from the site. Next came a P2000. Then I scored a VP9 . Ordinary civilians can't buy these new in California. I picked up a lightly used one for $950.00!. I love the match trigger in the USP and plan on getting a USP9 asap. The VP9 got a Lobos trigger, again thanks to the site for the detail strip tutorials. Thanks again for all the great info, Brian.

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Welcome California, nice pistol collection.
Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome to the site, congratulations on the acquisitions, and thanks for the pics!!! :biggrin:

You done good... Nice you found a used VP9 in Ca.. I carried my USP 45 as LE duty weapon for about 13 years in a marine environment for 6 years.. Love that gun.. I am carrying my VP40. retired 4 years ago..
Thanks, I'm trying to get my mitts on a VP40. In the meantime placed an order for a USP 9.

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