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Grip length: HK45c vs. USP Compact 45

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I got the chance to handle a HK45C about two years ago, and at the time it seemed as if the grip was a tad short for my hand.

Recently, I had the oppurtunity to fire a friend's USP Compact .45 and felt that the grip was suffecient for my right hand and was just wondering if anyone had the dimensions on the length of the grips of the two guns from the magazine release to the pinky extender.

I know they use the same magazines, but I am wondering if perhaps the design of the 45C causes the mag to slide higher up into the gun and have a shorter grip.
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I have the USP in .40 which is a tad smaller than the .45 but the HK .45C has a shorter grip, on all my other HKs I use the flat magazine bases except in the .45C have one set up with the flat base but I only use it if extreme concealment is needed.
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