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Group Buy: German SOF t-shirt

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Smartly termed the "Captain and Koch" shirt by a fellow forum member and after many requests via PM from my posting in the HK Photos Section, I have been able to work with my friend in the KSK (German Special Operations Forces) and would like to offer a Group Buy. If interested, I'll need sizes and quantities. Price is $25 and includes shipping from Germany to me and then to you. Other than the shipping cost, everything else will go to their unit fund. Here's the logo from the 2nd Company on their last OEF deployment.

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I'll take two. One Large and one Extra Large.
I dig it, one Large for me........... always glad to support the warrior fund. thanks Marine!!
I will take 1 Large and 1 Extra Large for a total of 2 please.

Does it have anything on the front of the shirt?
Ill take one in XL please. Thanks
Umm, why not just have them printed over here and save a metric butt ton of money?
if the large logo is on the back of the shirt i would like 2 xx large shirts, thanks
Interesting, what's the specific - story behind it?
I'll take a 2xl if the pic is on the back with a logo on the front left.
I'll take one in 2xl. When and how will we be paying for this?
To answer the questions thus far, here is what I know. The photo is of the back of the shirt. I can't remember what was on the front, but I'll ask. I may be able to get them shipped directly through our German LNO here at Bragg and save the international shipping. If I can save that cost, I'll throw a few dollars back in with the shirts. If he will send me the digital logo, I could look into printing them here, but since I'm not trying to make any money off this, that may be more than my generosity and schedule will allow. If demand is high though, it may be a route to take. As for payment, I'll take USPS money orders.
I will take 4 XXLs and 1 Lg.
I'll take one Large. does shirts shrink after wash :wink:

edited for size change.
Two for me, both size XL.
Definitely interested. Especially if they're as comfortable as the Bundeswehr issue brown tees.

I'd be down for 5.

1 Med
1 L
1 Xl
1 2Xl
1 3Xl

Any color variations?
1 - 20 of 245 Posts
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