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Gunkoting a G3

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Hi, everyone...

This is my first post on this site, and I have a question regarding the application of Gun-Kote to a G3 type rifle. It's actually a PTR-91 (not HK, I know, but I didn't win the Powerball to be able to afford one) that I am building, and want to know if after application, would that change the tolerances of the bolt carrier and bolt? I pressed in the barrel to .016" for headspace with the original finish on the carrier and bolt. I'll be sandblasting the carrier to prepare it for application of Gun-Kote. KG Industries says that it will only add .0004" to the measurement. Will this cause a problem? Also, I know this does not quite belong with this thread, however, I didn't want to wade through the other threads; this concerns barrel pressing. I found that a 10 ton press isn't needed for barrel installation. I found that coating the portion of the barrel that contacts the trunnion with anti-seize grease, inserting the barrel into the breech side of the trunnion, and pressing it in with a hub puller works just as well. Just make sure to use an impact wrench with the puller; if you don't, you will get quite the workout. Take it slow, measure often, and save yourself a couple hundred bucks by using that method. Just throwing it out there. Any advice on the first issue I posted is appreciated.
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A used one will work if it has been removed properly from the old receiver. There's a smaller inside sleeve that goes into the receiver.
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