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Gunkoting a G3

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Hi, everyone...

This is my first post on this site, and I have a question regarding the application of Gun-Kote to a G3 type rifle. It's actually a PTR-91 (not HK, I know, but I didn't win the Powerball to be able to afford one) that I am building, and want to know if after application, would that change the tolerances of the bolt carrier and bolt? I pressed in the barrel to .016" for headspace with the original finish on the carrier and bolt. I'll be sandblasting the carrier to prepare it for application of Gun-Kote. KG Industries says that it will only add .0004" to the measurement. Will this cause a problem? Also, I know this does not quite belong with this thread, however, I didn't want to wade through the other threads; this concerns barrel pressing. I found that a 10 ton press isn't needed for barrel installation. I found that coating the portion of the barrel that contacts the trunnion with anti-seize grease, inserting the barrel into the breech side of the trunnion, and pressing it in with a hub puller works just as well. Just make sure to use an impact wrench with the puller; if you don't, you will get quite the workout. Take it slow, measure often, and save yourself a couple hundred bucks by using that method. Just throwing it out there. Any advice on the first issue I posted is appreciated.
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The used one will work fine,but the new one gives you more ability to make sure your forearm stock will fit tight because of the unwelded clevis" or mounting bracket" Used one could be dented or have pitting and possibly a bad sleeve as the guy above said.. I got a used one in mint condition from HKparts a year ago,it worked nice on a ghillie build. Its really more about the exp. of the builder. This is a tricky area to weld without burning thru and ruining it. If done wrong,you could end up with NO cocking handle gap or not enough. Goodluck bro.
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