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H&K 45c LEM ?

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I'm looking at a HK 45c to buy. I've been told it's a NIB LEM light. The only thing is I don't recall HK producing a factory LEM Light. HK did an install for me on a standard model over a year ago. Has H&K started producing LEM lights in the US?
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I've seen Light LEM's on GunBroker before. I never held it, so I couldn't tell you it was 100% true, but why not?
I'm not sure there are any "factory" HK45C LEM models, light or standard. Certainly my German-produced "factory" HK45C LEM was converted from standard V1 to LEM by HKI in Columbus GA after importation and before it went in the distribution channels. Perhaps the USA-produced pistols will be true-factory LEM.

Makes not a twit of difference, though. These are all HK parts so don't worry about what LEM version it might be. A pair of $5 springs gets you whatever version you want in about 15 minutes at your kitchen table: trigger rebound and hammer springs. Complete conversion to LEM is about $80 for the HK kit.

BTW, my HK45C was standard LEM -- AKA "Heavy" LEM -- and the dealer was glad to "get rid" of it because of the horrible 9+ pound trigger. I'd previously gone thru a two-step LEM conversion with my USP9C, first to standard then light LEM, so I knew I could fix the HK45C trigger easily with a couple of HK springs.

-- Chuck
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