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Just purchased an old H&K/Benelli Super 90 Montefeltro 20 gauge with one tube. Seller said no writing on the tube. Gun patents well per seller!
Called H&K, they said Beretta 20 gauge Mobile are interchangable. S/N N005XXX. Called Beretta ,they had no info on H&K (pre purchase by Benelli USA).
Went to Carlson website said not interchanable? Called Trulock said they may have some, if we measure the length and treads at top. Same as Beretta threads?
Check a website on 12 ga and they said had to have gunsminth increase the length of the backbore at mussel. Has anyone come accross these chokes? If it hits a turkey at 20 yards how about a pheasent at 40 yrds?
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