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H&K Focused Training by Teufelshund Tactical

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For those HK Pro members looking for H&K focused training this fall, I have several opportunities scheduled with our host, Frontline Defense in Warrenton, NC.

Links to the specific courses are provided below. Within each, you'll find a brief description as well as additional links to after action reports from previous courses, including detailed feedback from the events and comments from those HK Pro members who have attended.

Come share in the comradery with fellow HK Pro members at an extremely capable range complex, with a welcoming and supportive staff. Rapidly progressive, thoroughly in-depth and completely designed around maximizing the potential of your H&K weapons, you simply won't find such a focused and comprehensive series of training programs elsewhere.

One Day Pistol Operator Course: 23 September

Two Day SMG Operator Course: 24-25 September

Two Day Pistol Operator Course: 8-9 October

One Day Pistol Operator Course: 21 October

Two Day Rifle Operator Course: 22-23 October

Two Day Advanced SMG Operator Course:

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The BEST Training possible.

Especially for us civilians, Thank You, Sir!
I can imagine there are plenty of you out there spending money hording mags, parts and firearms, but to get such specialized training on HK specific platforms is hard to come by. Definitely worth ever cent! You too can shoot an UMP while slinging a MP5SD!!!!
Thanks, Bob and Miguel. We hope that this will motivate more H&K fans to commit to training this fall.
Thx Bobby and Miguel! I hope you guys will be back soon! Nothing better than helping people get better on HKs! I hope more forum members will join us soon. We have several dates in the fall.
I'll be attending most all of these classes...highly recommend them!
As terrible as it is to live on the east coast, at least you guys are close to James' classes!
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