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First off great forum! I've been up late nights reading up researching reviews on my next purchase. Narrowed my choices down to the M&P, Walther PPQ and P30 V2 LEM. I've been a Glock owner for a while now and was thinking maybe the M&P & PPQ would be a perfect fit since they're both striker fire. Got my G19 back in 1994(ish) and later a G26 to better CC a few years later (both with trigger mods). Been enamored with the USP since they were released and not too long ago at the LGS the guy says "if you like the USP you may also like this" and handed me a P30. It reminded me of when I first touched a boob. It just felt right. ;) Been shopping locally in hopes of supporting the community but no luck finding a V2 LEM. Online shops weren't in stock and I was giving up hope until I called a range I used to be a member at (Caswell's Mesa AZ) which had two. Got a great price and raced over and to claim the beauty. Haven't got to the range yet - waiting for a pack of snap caps and Winchester NATO to come in and break in the P30. Have a few hundred of 115 grain that the Glocks eat with ease but with the knowledge of this forum - a hotter load works best to break in the spring. Hence why I haven't been to the range yet. Anywho, she's stock as stock can be and depending how I like the LEM trigger - perhaps Gray Guns can work their magic and some sites.

My apologies for the Glock bench mat. Wish H&K made a better P30 than what's currently available.

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