Proper fuse-weld conversion by Tom Bostic. Receiver has been remarked to G36E.

Brand-new unfired German E barrel. Thanks again @ctyatty

All German parts with the exception of the following 922r compliance parts:
-Magpul PMAG magazine (counts as 3 parts)
-HDPS bolt
-AAC Blackout 51T flash hider
-US-made trigger
-US-made trigger sear

This gun is currently registered as an SBR on a Form 4 but is obviously not currently in an SBR-configuration. It was previously set up as a G36C. Tom Bostic is the one who SBR’d it therefore it bears his information engraved neatly under the handguard; not my info.

Upon locking in a deal with a buyer, I will notify the ATF that gun is longer an SBR thus no longer under the purview of the NFA. They will void my stamp and the gun can be transferred as a regular long gun.

Price is $5950 + actual shipping and FFL. Price is absolutely firm. Payment by USPS Money Orders or Cashier’s Check. Rifle will not ship until payment has fully cleared my credit union.

Will only entertain the following trades (+/- cash to balance of course):
-KAC USPT45 Suppressor (unfired)
-KAC MK23 Suppressor (unfired)
-KAC MP5SD Suppressor (unfired)
-1988 HK93 w/ 178 Marked Barrel (1:7 twist)
-1988 or 1989 HK91
-1996-1999 MK23 Maritime w/ all accessories
-HK MR556
-Barrett REC10 Black
-Barrett M107A1 Black
-Dakota Tactical D54/10
-Factory HK USP Match 9mm
-HK94 (A3 preferably)

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Air gun Trigger Grey Gun barrel Gun accessory

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Camera accessory Gas Machine Gun barrel Cameras & optics

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