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H&K SR9 Info Request

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I have spent most of yesterday researching posts on here with info on SR9, SR9T and SR9 made to look like a T. I still however wanted to post and request comments on a deal for a SR9, which has just been offered to me. The weapon originally from someone in CA and later in PA due to the ban years ago. It has been a safe queen since and not fired in years.

The pictures are not the best sent from a buddies iphone, but info I have is that this is a SR9. The original owner had trigger changed out as well as the stock and I am guessing the bipod. It sells with the original stock and parts as in the picture. Price seems great at $1500. I am having trouble finding out what trigger system had been installed since this obviously does not look like the PSG 1, but am told that the original owner spent quite a bit on converting this to look like a T.
Any comments on what the trigger could be as well as if this is considered a good buy?

This is stamped as a SR9 and not had the T added, which I prefer if it is not a true T.

Appreciate your time and input.


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If it's a German SR9 and you can buy it for $1,500 (and it's not a scam, which it smells like) I would buy it NOW and get better pictures and ask your questions later.
Trigger group is a Williams set trigger. Buy it
Thanks for the feedback. I can confirm it is not a scam. I am buying it from a friend who is a Catholic Priest. This was his late brothers weapon.
Managed to get it for $1400. Now to get it down to me and to the range!

Appreciate the info on the trigger. Will try and find more info on that.
An SR9 you bought from a Catholic Priest for $1,400... you certainly know how to make an entrance ;)
Haha yes, well I probably would have been a lot more sceptical if I did not know the seller.
Guessing the $1400 is a good price then.. What would a solid estimate be on the value of this as is if indeed a German SR9 with the Williams trigger and other extras as shown?
Trigger group is a Williams set trigger. Buy it
Yup. I've been told that at that time the Williams set trigger was a $200 option.
One sold recently, practically brand new but bone stock, no accessories, for $26365 shipped ( It sold in 2 days.
Appreciate the information. Will be sure to post more on it once I get it here.
Trigger group is a Williams set trigger. Buy it
Agreed group looks like a Williams. Even if it wasn't the rifle itself is worth more than what you are buying it for. Grip looks to be one from Ergo.
Wait, you talked a Priest down $100 on what was already a great deal? Is that thunder I hear?
Pretty sure I can make up for that with a bottle of good small batch Bourbon for his collection.. :) He also sold a very nice AR10 for a steal, pity I missed that one. Might even look to resell this one and make enough to get a LaRue OBR. Who knows. Have not fired a H&K for a while.. might fall in love again.
Just picked up my SR9 from the dealer. Very happy. It is in great condition. Confirmed it is original german H&K with all the right markings. Couple small marks here and there, but the inside is near perfect, hardly fired. It has the 91 stock, the foregrip with the integrated bipod, the Williams set trigger and can't yet identify the brand, but do like the pistol grip. It also came with the original stock and trigger mechanism, which seems to be pretty much unused. I also have the 91 foregrip and pistol grip extras.
Now to figure out what to do with it.. pimp it, keep it as is or trade it.. For now I will take it to the range and see what she does.
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