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Man, I never thought I would become a fanboy to any one manufacturer, but I just love HK's product line. I just received my USC/UMP and this thing is awesome. The firing pin gave me some trouble, but she's up and running now. So now I have a USPf 45, P30, SL8, and USC/UMP.
I will go to the range this weekend to try out the USC, but every other weapon has given me faultless performance. I have put many a thousand rounds through my USP without one FTF/FTE, and the SL8 is friggin awesome to shoot.
The only complaint I have is with the P30, for me the trigger pull is horrid, and the left side mag release ever so slightly touches my trigger finger and I develop a tiny blister after 400-800rds. I bought it for concealed carry, but may actually sell it for a USP compact, as I shoot way better with the compact. I guess I am the only one having accuracy problems with this weapon, as every post I read people say the are very accurate with theirs. I will put some more rounds down range and fiddle the grips to see if it grows on me, but I am way more consistent and accurate with the USP.
I'll try to post some pics tomorrow after work, but I just wanted to share the good news.

Thanks for your time
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