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Handgun mounted lights on the HK45c

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So, we all know the Viridian Gen2 X5L (& C5L) will fit on the HK45c, and we know the SureFire line up will not. I've had one of the X5L's for several years, I see they've updated the bezel, which was the only complaint I ever had regarding the X5L, essentially version 2.5.

However, I discovered the Lasermax Spartan laser/light.

Which reminded me of the Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro
CMR-204 Rail Master Pro Green Laser Sight | Official Crimson Trace

Two things...... I've asked before, but never got a clear answer, does anyone know if the CT Railmaster Pro will fit the HK45c?

Next, has anyone T&E'd the Lasermax Spartan, and does anyone know if it will fit the HK45c. It looks like the Spartan is made of plastic, as is the Railmaster, while the Viridian is made of alumininium and plastic. I also noticed the Spartan cast a dimmable green colored light, rather than white light.

I'm interested in the Railmaster and the Spartan because they appear to be smaller than the X5L. I'm a big believer in quality, and you get what you pay for, which is why I generally like SureFire for lights. That said SureFire's laser/light combo not only won't fit the HK45c, they are also too big for a handgun in my opinion.

I've tried the CT laserguard and do not like it. I also want a white light & laser. In a perfect world there would be a laser/light unit that would allow for easy and intuitive individual activation of the laser or light.
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I haven't tried the above, but I do have a Streamlight TLR4G green laser/ light combo for my 45CT. Works well and goes for about $180 on sale.
At least to the credit of CT they let consumers put reviews that say "horrible, don't buy, it fell off" pretty much scratches that off the list!!
The CT Railmaster Pro fits the HK45C just fine. I ran one on mine for a while but ultimately I took it off because I found it made the pistol too cumbersome for everyday carry in the light-bearing holster. It held zero fairly well as I recall and did not drain the battery while off like the Viridian C5L I had previously. If I ever put it back on I will machine a custom lug insert out of something more rigid than the flimsy stock plastic one.
The Insight X2 fits perfect. Not as bright as current LED offerings, but won't kill your night vision if used as a nightstand gun.
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At least to the credit of CT they let consumers put reviews that say "horrible, don't buy, it fell off" pretty much scratches that off the list!!
I had not noticed the reviews. Just read all of the reviews posted for both the red and green laser version. looks like my concern about the plastic construction holds some merit, several of the reviews discussed the unit cracking or breaking. Additionally, several of the negative reviews complained about the activation switches becoming nonfunctional with relatively little use. So, unfortunately, I'm thinking the railmaster pro is a no go.... Perhaps if they offer a metal body version, or at least some metal mounting components in the future?

as for he Lasermax spartan laser/light. I ran across one of them at a local sporting goods store. This particular store is not know for carrying high end firearms, but you can often find good prices on ammo (pistol, .22lr, and shotgun shells) so I was snooping around. the Spartan looked to be made of plastic that I'm not willing to bet my life on. too bad, I like the size and lay out of the Spartan???

I think perhaps my HK45c will remain laser/light-less. The Viridian (despite the constant battery drain) on my full size continues to work well, and that handgun is not a concealed carry gun, it rides in a duty holster so I don't have the problem of finding a holster for it.

thanks for the info
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