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I do not have hands on with this particular round. I will caution anyone against using any round developed/loaded specifically for use in open-bolt SMG's. The US Navy used the IMI "TZZ" round in their MP5's that destroyed a lot of bolts (and slides on M9's in the SEAL teams resulting in injuries). Obvioulsy the HK guns mentioned are not open-bolt guns and therefore do not require that level of impulse or pressures and it will increase wear and tear and ups the possibilities of weapon damage. All HK's are designed by HK and testing to NATO ammo specs. Use that as your guide. I have fired NATO, SAAMI +P and +P+ in P7's and MP5's with no issues expect some +P+ loaded in aluminum cases which I avoid in any fluted chambers - seen too many raised flute marks in these cases which strains the extractor. I would steer clear of this ammo unless you like replacing parts.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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