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I can also confirm that you should never fire the IMI/TZZ 85 9mm ball ammo, designed for the Uzi SMG (not really).........The Navy had tons of the ammo, and it was loaded over proof.......I saw it blow up an open bolt Uzi and saw the following handguns destroyed by it:

Beretta 92SB (F) - Fractured slide and broken barrel lock
H&K P9S-Navy - Fractured bolt face
Sig P226 - Cracked frame and broken extractior
MP5 K - Pre Navy model with 5.5" barrel - Cracked bolt head and destroyed roller retainer

Damaged pistols:
HK P7 (PSP) 5.5" long barrel threaded for stainless Navy suppressor - damaged extractor.....still fired and ejected!
Browning P35 - cracked barrel unlocking lug in frame and broken ejector
CZ 75 PreB model owned by SEAL Team 2 shooter. Peened barrel locking lugs and cracked ejector
H&K P9S-Target - Cracked bolt head and peened buffer.

I remember talking at length with Charlie at H&K Customer Service and with a Marine reservist who was a Military Sales rep for H&K......when he was at Little Creek/Dam Neck on his active duty (Tom Macnamera ?). The H&K reps fixed my P7 and installed a factory length barrel at no charge. Charlie sent me a new "Navy" bolt head......the "TZZ" model with enhanced durability......and beefier front face.

I know the MP5's all had to be gone over since the TZZ ammo was so pervasive as a training round. The Navy models later had what is now known as teh Action 3 bolt....but that may have happened during the early 1990's.

I still remember the guys at H&K in Chantilly were great to me........back when you could get a brand new P7M13 under the military officer direct buy program for $600.........I remember playing with the SMGII with the funny looking stainless steel suppressors in the basement range at Chantilly. Also a great tour of the factory area..........where they should have been making the us made P7 and MP5.........good times.......

That TZZ stuff was so bad the IMI reps said that they did not even recommend shooting it in any 9mm weapon....even the Uzi.......WTF?????

It always looked like it was loaded with M16 powder............I still have some boxes of the used to punch through the old Level 2a vests and the Navy ended up dumping the ammo.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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