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I am going to use this thread to post all of the links to the for sale ads for all of the holsters that I find.

These are not my holsters, nor my sales - just a series of "heads-up" posts that are a fyi only. If you are interested in something you will need to contact the seller directly.

Feel free to add your links here, but no posts for $350 VMIIs please - this is not the place to advertise & promote the gougers & the dreamers.

Please continue to post your WTS/WTT/WTB threads directly to the board. This thread is for deals that you find and want to pass on only.

Of course a "deal" can be somewhat subjective, but as a general rule I'll be posting things that would usually need to be custom ordered and require a wait, stuff that can be hard to find and good gun leather that is not hideously overpriced. Pretty much what I have been doing with the individual threads up until now.

H&K content only, and minimal chat in here please.

1 - 20 of 948 Posts