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Heinie ledge style sights for p series...

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Short and sweet story, I emailed them about making them for the p30, 45, 45c pistols and this was the response I got today...

"I do not currently offer the Ledge style for the HKP30, however, we may run
that design our next production run of the sights. *Would probably be
towards the end of the year before we had them available.

Thank you."

Just a little heads up since I don't think I'm the only one who would like these things to become available. I'm debating on trying a 10-8 rear sight out in the mean time. I do like the straight eights but want to be able to utilize them for single hand manipulation.
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Yea...that's them.
I'd love to get a couple of sets for my P30s.
Yea, I want them for that and my 45c. I had asked about maybe a special run of them being made if I could get enough interest, but they never even touched that question.
The 10-8 has been out of stock shortly after its initial run. However I notice the following comment on their web store which gives me hope: "**Front sights for the HK45/P30 are planned for development later this year," so they will finally provide a full set rather than only the rear.

I will probably purchase whichever of the Heinie / 10-8 offer a full set with rear ledge first. Both designs work for me.
Um.....I'm down for at least two sets.......if you wanna.

well....probably 3 sets....lets be honest.
Custom takes 5 minutes. My P30L
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Love the Heinie's on my HK45c.
Custom takes 5 minutes. My P30L

I saw your thread when you had all that done. I liked it very much, I would just rather have the sights made by them if it's possible instead of having to involve custom work into it. I need them for more than one pistol.
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