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Hello and MP5 info sought

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Hello, first I own no HK weapons, and am seeking data on an MP5 (registered FA). Any help/info would be much appreciated. I will have detail photos sometime over the coming weekend, will use a Nikon D7100 and 105mm Micro lens. LOL and I don't know if this is the correct forum to pose questions

Anyway, the back story on the gun follows:

The owner has had it for several years, he bought it from a large brick and mortar in OKC. At that time the brick and mortar told him the gun is a Pre Ban Factory FA which had been in a group of 5 purchased by a General Officer in the US Army pre ban for personal use. Other than having seen the weapon and his paper work I'm like Sgt Schultz, "I know nothing".

He has taken his family to Florida over Thanksgiving thus the wait for detailed photos. Photos of which pieces would be helpful in identifying this as good as can be with photos and typed descriptions?

Any and all advice appreciated
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Well guys, I came here seeking info and help. I'm not buying the weapon, the weapon was legally transferred to him years ago, he has the stamp and paperwork. I'm not selling the weapon for him, I am seeking info. Not accusations. I've obviously come to the wrong place, and I will trouble you no more. Thanks, and have a great holiday season.
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