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Hello and some questions

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Hello folks. After reading these forums over the last couple of weeks, I decided it was time to join up and ask some questions so I can be more confident in buying my first HK. I've been searching around these forums, my local gun store, and other places to get a grasp of pricing and feel for a couple of different models. I was able to find what is a "good" or "deal" price for new firearms but am having some trouble finding the same for used. So hopefully you guys are able to give me an idea of the "deal" or priced to sell amount would be for the following used guns:
1) HK45C-any trigger variant
2) P30 40cal -LEM trigger variant
3) USPc 45cal -any trigger variant

I understand these are all high end guns and are priced accordingly but I'm a college student, so funds are relatively tight, and don't mind waiting around for a good price opportunity. The numbered order is my preference but would be perfectly happy with any of them to get started with hks if the price it right. This will be my second handgun, the first is a SW M&P 9c which I still enjoy shooting but am looking into a higher caliber and slightly larger grip. My definition of acceptable used is less than 3000 rounds, outer wear and tear from holsters or such is perfectly acceptable since I'll be using it as a CCW gun, and good internals.

Also, I have some questions about buying online if you folks could help me. I understand that the seller either themselves or their chosen FFL sends the gun to the FFL of my choosing. So there is a charge from my FFL, shipping, and their FFL? In most cases is a bank, non personal check, acceptable for payment? Finally, is there any type of buyer protection or do I need to be very careful regardless of where I buy online?

Thank you all very much. I know it's a long post but I really appreciate any responses and advice.
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I am not sure about the current used gun values on those HK's, but the HK45C will be the most expensive used gun among the 3 you listed. The least expensive, IMO, would be the USPc .45. It's just because the HK45C and P30 are more recent model and sought after. I am sure other members will have better ideas than I could ever try.

Seller can send the gun to your local FFL himself, or use his FFL to send to your FFL if your FFL does not accept shipment from a non-FFL or individual. Regardless, you will have to pay your FFL to run a background check and his transfer fees (ranges anywhere from $10 to $50). Shipping is what you will have to negotiate with your seller unless it is included in the price of the gun.

There's no buyer protection when you buy from a stranger. This is no eBay. I am not 100% positive on this, but even if you pay with PayPal (sent as gift), there's no recourse should the seller disappear. So you just have to trust your instinct or do due diligence to research about your seller. I have only bought once from a seller on this forum, but the transaction was flawless.

Good luck, and welcome!
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Payment through Money Orders are best, same as cash, and you can leverage USPS as final recourse if deal goes south with seller. It has some protections for you, therefore safer, but not much.
Thanks both of you for the replies, good information to know.

Hopefully someone can help with the used prices. My local gun store could order, 4 months+ they said...., the hk45c da/sa, priced at $986 or P30 for $869 (hoping to spend less). I've never bought a used gun so I'm really unsure how much "worth" different factors change the prices.
Are those prices used or NIB? Contact Mike (member here goes by lahilljack) and see if he can find you one at better price. Also check out They have decent prices, too.
Bman3 welcome to the site! My best advice is find out who your FFL will be. Talk to them and they can help you out with the details of the transfer. One good place to take a look at is Buy Gun Accessories, Hi-Capacity Mags, Scopes, Gun Parts & More at CDNN Sports, Inc. They have prety good new prices. Another place is HK Specialist - Home Page the owner is a member here as well. When it comes to used prices I would check websites like gunbroker, sturmgewehr and the old fashioned Google searches to get a decent idea of the baseline. Steer clear of any kind of gun value book, internet made them obsolete. Payment is a tricky issue. If someone says they want Wester Some people want any money order and others a MO from the post office. All depends on the individual seller. I for example only accept payment in Trident Layers...kidding. I have never had an issue with anyone here on the site( I have read about a few stories but they appear to be very rare. HK appears to attract the same quality as the products they make, top notch. Just do some searching, be patient and you will find a deal. They are out there. I doubt anyone will post a deal on here. By the time you read it someone will have snatched it up. Knowing the people here you probably got a private message or two with a link to a deal. Hope this helps answers some of your questions. All the best!
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Welcome Bman3. Used gun prices are hit or miss. I see some that ask alot and some who ask a kick-a** price. For example, I sold my NIB & unfired Hk45C with factory threaded barrel and supressor height Heinie sights with no mag or case for $800. Take you time and check everything out. Good luck.
Ref: FFL. An individual can legally send a handgun to a verified FFL (ATF site) as long as that FFL will accept it from him/her (I suggest FedEx). If you buy a gun online (which I have done numerous times) you find a local FFL to receive the gun. My experince is that the selling FFL charges the price + shipping. Then your FFL may charge you a fee for the transfer (maybe $35.00, what I paid) to you. I have used USPS money orders for payment but I have just used my cc on the recent purchase of my NIB Hk45CT. Maybe when you find the gun you want you ask about the Seller here maybe someone will have information and offer some guidance.
Best place I've ever seen for a USPc .45 was HK Specialist. They are out of SC, but if you let that go they are great to deal with. :) Currently shows out of stock, but give them a call and they can let you know if/when they expect another batch.

HK Specialist - Product Display

I bought one and I am very happy with it, especially considering the price.
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