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Hello from AR

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Joined the forum a few months ago but never officially said hello. I'm an old geezer, 67, been messing with guns all my life. Grew up on a farm, guns were a daily way of life. I like about every gun I've met in life. Past few years been mostly interested in 1911s. So how did I end up here on Hk forum? Well I evolved from revolvers in the 60's and 70's to the wonder 9s in the 80's, Glocks in the 90's, etc. The only striker fire I ever regret selling was a early VP9 a few years ago. This summer I was strolling through the local gun shop and ended up taking home a like new VP9 OR. Have kind of developed a recent interest in the high quality of Hk firearms. Would like to pick up a P2000 9mm sometime.
So, I'm here to learn more a the Hk offerings. Yes, I know HK hates us. ;)
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