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Hello, everyone!

I am happy to announce that we have finally gone live here on HKPro! We are very excited to be a part of this amazing community, and look forward to providing you with fantastic products and customer service related to your H&K needs.

Who are we and what are we all about?

Taken from our website:

"LGA Systems, LLC was founded by a Systems Engineer with an educational background in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Born and raised in the great Hoosier state of Indiana, the Founder & CEO is a life-long firearms and outdoors enthusiast with a passion for product design and bringing innovative solutions to market, while specializing in military small arms applications. Our vision is to bring the Defense industry uncompromising products and solutions that are engineered and manufactured with absolute attention to detail. If we make it, you can depend on it.™"

While we are still building up our catalog of parts & accessories - not only for H&K firearms, but also for other premium military-adopted manufacturers like FN Herstal, for example - our first H&K-related product is for the beloved H&K P7 pistol!

This first product is something many of you have likely been wanting for a very, very long time - a set of quality fixed fiber optic sights for the P7. See and read about what makes them so special on our website here.

We are thrilled to be able to offer what we believe is the finest set of sights available for the P7 (or any handgun for that matter). We are open to feedback and suggestions, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.

In the meantime, if there is something you would like to see made for your H&K firearm, please do not hesitate to reach out and make a case for it. We are open to new product ideas. This is only the beginning!

I will be the primary forum representative and contact here on the forums. Please feel free to reach out any time if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. You can also email [email protected].

Again, we look forward to serving the H&K enthusiast community and are VERY excited to be a part of it!


Tony @ LGA Systems
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