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Help id these hkg3 22 conversion mags

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I came acrossed these mags last week and i would like to know more about them. Like who makes them and if they are reliable. The only thing i could find after an hour of searching here and the rest of the web was a blog showing a guy using them but it was from 2010 and there was very little info on them. Here is the link Magazines for .22 conversion of HK G3/PTR91 - Oleg Volk
I will post some pics of the ones i have. I cant seem to find any markings to id them. Metal
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Yep. Just looked at a pic of the feed tower for bazooka bro ad180 adaptor and they look almost identical except doubled up with a spring and follower inside. Does anyone still sell them? Or do you happen to recall how much they sold for. I got these for $25 each and the seller still had a few left. If thats a good deal i might see if he would want to sell the rest.
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