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EFK fire dragons sells a ported barrel for the VP9. Just so happens I live right next door to these guys haha.

Whoops! accidental premature post. I would suggest you try a ported barrel since it gives the added benefit of compensation on top of the match weight. The two really compliment each other. If you're looking for an extended barrel for accuracy then I have no idea where they sell them. Personally, buying a threaded barrel and grinding the threads would be too much work for added accuracy that is at most negligible.

If you wanna check the EFK ported barrel, here's the link. Scroll all the way down for the VP9 barrel.
Heckler & Koch Ported Barrels - Heckler & Koch Ported Pistol Barrels

Edit: unfortunately they're out of stock. However, you can always ask the owner to special order.
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