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I have a PTR91 which is supposed to be similar to the HK91 being made from purchased Portuguese tooling.

Below is the picture of the mount which appears to be some sort of knock off of a B&T mount which are normally a bit more than the $20 that I spent for this one. It came without instructions. So I am guessing about one important detail. I have posted an online picture of the mount. The hex screws go into little flaps that act as locking lugs. Photo shows two of these lugs. Question is the contacting edge of the lugs do have a sloped surface. Since the screws all came with sloped surface pointing down instead of up I choose the orientation of putting them down. Intuitively it seems that they would mate better with rifle receiver in the up position as shown in the photo. Any one here have any insight as to what orientation is best.
Planning to mount a vortex viper pst 1-4x24.

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