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Help with field stripping my HK45C

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Hello Fellas,

I just bought the first HK handgun I've ever owned. I have a lot of guns, but have never owned an HK. I've been playing around with different EDC options and bought the 45C after carrying a full size 1911 and a Sig P220. for the last year or two. I am very happy with the 45C so far but I'm having trouble field stripping it and I'm not sure why. I bought the pistol from GunBroker. It had only had 200 rounds through it before I purchased it and the previous owner had sent it back to HK for the LEM installation. The pistol also has the slide release on the right side. What am I doing wrong? I can't get the slide release to pull out of the frame. I've tried pushing the pin from the right side, but the right slide release seems to "capture" the pin on that side. I've looked through the owners manual more than once, but haven't found a solution. I know I'm making it harder than it is.

Thanks for any help!
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Yep, cleaned all three of my HK's last night. Super easy.
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