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Help with HK trigger system choice?

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I am struggling with whether to go with the Lem DAO only or DA/SA HK trigger for the P30. I would like to use for home defense. Currently have a VP9 but trigger is too light for my comfort considering I may be groggy in the middle of the night and looking for a margin of safety without an actual frame safety. How do others feel about this?

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love LEM personally, but it is very unique and an "acquired taste".
Agreed. I really like the LEM, but my spouse at least at this point prefers DA/SA with the safety off.

the unfortunate part about the p series is you cant switch back and forth between variants like you could the USP lines.
Correct if you buy a V1 or V2 LEM P30, as the frame does not have the DA/SA cuts. But if you start with purchase of a V3 DA/SA, it can be converted to V1 or V2 LEM, with or without the manual safety (and back to DA/SA). My originally-V3 P30LS is currently a 4.1 LEM, with safety lever, carried with safety off. Spouse's P30SKS is a V3 DA/SA.
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