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Help with HK91 Reasembly

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So I haven't really looked at my HK rifles in a few years, so I thought I would pull them apart and see that no birds or vermin or any other animal had nested inside. The HK94 came apart and went together in a minute and a half.

Then, I pulled the bolt assembly/carrier from the HK91. the rollers seemed to be locked in the extended position, and will not allow the assembly to slide into the receiver. How do I get the rollers to retract and roll into the receiver?

I feel pretty stupid for not being able to remember how the thing goes together anymore. I'm going to have to hand in my man card as well as my 'H&K-Guy' title if I can't get this to work.

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i think i read a post by land pimp but hear it goes.take the rifle and put the muzzle on the carpit then put the bolt in back ward then bump the muzzle on the carpit and the bolt should lock back in place. then just tilt the rifle back over let the bolt slide out turn it around and put it back in the way it's sopose to go and your back in busness. hope that helps
you can do it the right way, see here

or you can do it the lazy way(what I do when I screw up).....take the carrier assembly, turn it around, drop(might need a push) it into the reciever, this will pop the rollers back in, now take it out, put it back in the right way.

trust me.....your not alone, you can keep your man card for now.....real men are not afraid to ask a question :D

AHHHH Yes. Once again the genius that flows from HKPro has transformed my bitter world with joy once again. Thanks MisFit/Landpimp.

I just followed your instructions with no problems.


H&K-Guy (still)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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