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Help with model designations for P 30

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This may have been covered before but I am confused, first of all no one locally (so I can't "handle" one)
has any P 30's and the LGS here is not fully familiar with the models
I'm looking for a P 30 9mm, one model has a safety and a decocker, and there are 2 types of triggers?
For general range shooting (and maybe later carry) what would be the "best" ( I realize that this is VERY subjective, so I'm
looking for direction/advice) ... AND model designations for each one HK P 30 SKS ???
Right now I am carrying my Shield 9 mm with Mag Guts so it's total 11 rounds, or depending on dress my LCP (I call it my BTN better than nothing)
tnx Daniel
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If you want a P30 with a decocker and safety, it is a P30S V3. There is another version of it with a longer slide and it is called P30LS V3. S denotes safety and V3 stands for DA/SA.

There is a LEM version the P30LS and a much-rarer P30S. I have only seen one P30S LEM in existence, that's how rare it is. But you won't have a decocker with a LEM trigger.

Go to to learn more.

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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