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Help with model designations for P 30

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This may have been covered before but I am confused, first of all no one locally (so I can't "handle" one)
has any P 30's and the LGS here is not fully familiar with the models
I'm looking for a P 30 9mm, one model has a safety and a decocker, and there are 2 types of triggers?
For general range shooting (and maybe later carry) what would be the "best" ( I realize that this is VERY subjective, so I'm
looking for direction/advice) ... AND model designations for each one HK P 30 SKS ???
Right now I am carrying my Shield 9 mm with Mag Guts so it's total 11 rounds, or depending on dress my LCP (I call it my BTN better than nothing)
tnx Daniel
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I am a 1911 guy and carry cocked and locked, meaning a round chambered, hammer back, and safety engaged. I have the version 3 P30s so I can carry it in the same manner so all actions are the same, uniformity. I can have a round chambered, the hammer back, and safety engaged. This requires the same action that my 1911s do to fire. If you carry 1911s, may be something to consider, if not, the light LEM might be a good choice.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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