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Hensholdt good to go?

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Saw this on HK parts.

I realize there are more modern optic technologies out there and plenty of optic/mount combos available. It seems like the general consensus is that the mount offered in the link is "the real deal" super solid and allows the use of iron sights while the optic is mounted. For $899 it would be hard to find a very good optic and mount combo agreed. I want to put some glass on my HK 91 and don't want to spend $2k to do it. What do my HK friends think of the item in the link and other options to consider?
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Be more specific. Please.
included the link to the product. Very helpful right?
Yes, very. The Hensoldt Wetzlar scopes like the one referred to in the link you posted are excellent. I've got at least six of them, with four set up for 7.62x51, one set up for 5.56, and one set up for 9mm Para. Top-quality, for sure. I make no comment whatsoever about what is a good price for these pieces of kit.
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